International Man of Mystery


Paint me like one of your french girls

Pink Ibis

Something colorful while waiting for spring...

Taxidermy II

In time for the seventh year anniversary I went back to the scene of the crime for the oldest photo published. I think the old fella deserved an update. Gone are the times when I used a Sony Cybershot DSC-F828. I was glad to see he hadn't aged a day. Check out the updated first photo

Chilling with style

I bet this monkey is a real gentleman with killer stache and all.

Lion Fish

I suppose no collection is complete without a photo of the majestic lionfish.

Swedish Cow

Unlike the more common Swedish Fish, this species is more rare to encounter in the wild.

Green Paddy Frog

Think I hade one of these once when I was a kid. It escaped and I was very sad. Found it years later behind a shelf, only skin and bones.

One proboscis monkey enjoying a snack

The Proboscis Monkey is known as the bekantan in Malay, or simply the Long-nosed Monkey. The monkey also goes by the Malay name monyet belanda 'Dutch monkey,' or even Orang Belanda 'Dutchman,' as Indonesians remarked that the Dutch colonisers often had a similarly large belly and nose.

Three of a kind

Proboscis monkeys chilling in the treetops