International Man of Mystery
Aug 13

The TJ Salvation Video

The T.J. Salvation in Chopper Rescue and Tomahawk Trudy. Faithfully protecting the common man from the global ninja threat where exception is the rule and rules don't apply, the T.J. Salvation agent endures the harshness of the sea, the void of space, the beasts of the jungle, the peaks of the damned and the wounds of the wicked on a daily basis. Get a rare glimpse into a world where no femme fatale is too treacherous and no giant octopus is too large from this technicolor footage, obtained directly from the T.J. Salvation headquarters below the Cheops Pyramid, Gizeh, Egypt.
Apr 07

Second Coming // Thank You Video

A video I've filmed, cut & edited for the Second Coming
Mar 13

6Killer // Better Man Video

Video shoot, edited and done by me. Music by 6Killer. Recorded in Gramofon studios and mixed by Chris Cummings. Thanks to Mitch Martinez for epic stock footage.
Sep 20

RAM X Anniversary Video

RAM "Awakening the Chimaera" Live from the limited edition of "Svbversvm" DVD "X Anniversary, a Decade of Heavy Metal Tyranny Concert". Filmed on Friday, 13th of September 2013 at a hometown show in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was part of filming this, cutting the material from 6 cameras and producing the DVD.
Sep 19

Second Coming // Life Video

Video shoot, edited and done by me. Music by Second Coming Also backup by the talented O'Chet, Arnór och Starbuck, each and one of them great musicians, but in this video they are something else...

RAM X Anniversary

I was part of filming a heavy metal concert in 2013. I was also thrusted with the opportunity to edit, grade and produce a DVD which will be released together with the band's new album on the 30th of October 2015. \m/ \m/ The bonus DVD is titled "X Anniversary, a Decade of Heavy Metal Tyranny Concert". It's limited edition release. On top of that I also took some photos which is included on the DVD. Here are some of them.
Jan 29

the TJ Salvation // Chopper Rescue Live Video

TJ Salvation performing Chopper Rescue live. Recorded at Klubb Vardagsrummet, Folkteatern // Filmfestivalen 2014. More music at
Jan 29

the TJ Salvation

Besides taking photos of this rare event, I've also captured some video. more music at

the TJ Salvation

The other day I had the opportunity to watch a band as legendary as the secrecy they are shrouded in. I bring you the TJ Salvation, well reversed both in ninjutsu and spacetravel. more music at

Ostrich – Lonely Ghost

One more processed framegrab from the unedited videomaterial.
Apr 14

Ostrich – Lonely Ghost Video

An Official Ostrich Music Video (2012). I have done the cinematography for this video


One more of Ostrich taken during the first day of recording. This video will be released later in this year in a not to far of future. Check out the band while you wait. Here at myspace or facebook

Ostrich – I Am Out

I had the opportunity to be part of making two musicvideos late last year. We recorded all material during two days and I was able to snap photos at the same time. Here are two photos from the second day and during the recording of I Am Out. I was only there to record the video, on my 5D Mark II, but ended up also editing the first video. The video is available in the video section and on youtube -- Hope you like it.
Mar 14

Ostrich – I Am Out Video

An Official Ostrich Music Video (2012). I have done the cinematography for this video

Mother Dirt

Some other friends with a band called Mother Dirt. They play authentic early 70s retro rock. Visit them at or look them up at itunes or spotify if you like.