International Man of Mystery

Taipei 101

4 photos from the archive. Taken from the observationdeck of Taipei 101 with a TS-E 90mm

The Crossing

Still trying to get the hang of this. It's a bit tricky to get the right angle of tilt, aperture versus the distance to the objects. For this photo I've also used the x1.4 Extender II to get a bit closer. Second photo is the same setting, just taken 40min later.

Study of trees

This is done with the tiltshift TS-E 45mm lens. A bit unusual than the ordinary miniatyr worlds I usually post done with that lens.

Bukit Nanas with a tilt-shift II

Some urban jungle exploration Bukit Nanas Forest Reserv is the only remaining tropical rainforest in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. Update It is not necessarily a connection between the two photos beside being taken at the same location. I really like how the right one turned out and couldn't find a suitable match. The colors and contrast in the right photo have been enhanced a bit and the left photo matched to this afterwards. The (weak) connection I thought about when choosing the left photo was because how the elevated bridge seem to lead out from one of the bathroom stalls. If you imaging any other connection let me know 🙂

Take the next available U-turn

One thing to remember from Dubai beside the desert is constructions and roads - lots of them.