International Man of Mystery


Trying Magicavoxel for the first time.

Ladies of my city

Karin Boye, Dimman, Vårens huldra


My first attempt with the Brenzier method. Stiched together from 26 photos.

Someone to hold

One more photo of unsuspecting dubai citizen. Don't forget to value whats important in life. It could be someone to hold when watching the lights.

Burj Al Khalif II

A night & day photo of this amazingly high building

Time for some repainting

A pretty basic black&white diptych. Part of the mural seen on the backwall on the right photo is added as a small tribute to the great work done by Supakitch and Koralie -- Metroplastique  

Golden Dubai

Every possible luxury can be found here. Possible even a golden city.

Burj Al Khalifa

This photo is taken in broad daylight. Infact the light was extremely strong, almost blinding. I had to use the smallest aperture possible and a rather fast shuttertime. The result is this almost nightlike photo. I have toned the colors towards a bluer hue.

Streets of Kyoto

Been moving recently and have been rather occupied, hopefully there will be more time for other things from now on.

Happy Birthday

Congratulations! This site has now been running for 5 years (yesterday actually). The first photo was published on the 2005-04-27 I would like to thank all visitors, especially the small group of you who do return visits every once in a while. I'm also extra happy with those who leave comments and feedback. Your one of the big reason I keep this up. Please leave your mark when visiting pages like these. You make the owner very happy. A little motivation goes a long way...

Look at all that snow.

We have received about 50cm snow in a rather short time and it's still snowing.

Tokyo Tower + Boss

Two more done with lensbaby. None of these photos are any exceptional but I like the feeling in them and what they remind me of.

Tranquil Kyoto II

Got rid of the first photo and only keept the tori

New Year, New Possibilities

First photo of the new year. Who knows what 2010 will bring. There will most likely be lot's of choices to make. Different roads to travel Remember to try new things and challenge yourself.